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Учёности плоды

ФАУ-2. Побег из ада

Studio founders
Igor Ugolnikov
Igor Ugolnikov
Russian Federation Honored Artist
Academic of Russian Television
Film Director, Screenwriter and Producer
The author of "Brest Fortress” and “Battalion" films
Honorary Member of the Russian Military Historical Society
Vadim Zadorozhny
Vadim Zadorozhny
Director of the “Vadim Zadorozhny Museum of Engineering”
Director of the State Museum-Estate "Arkhangelskoye"
Member of the Russian Military Historical Society Central Council Presidium

We create movies that speak honestly about our history.

Feats, loyalty to motherland and oath. Humanity.
We do not just shoot historical films, we preserve our memory.

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"The mission of the historical cinema is primarily in solving problems of patriotic upbringing of the youth".

Igor Ugolnikov
producer and director
Matvey Platov Alexander II Alexander III Alexander Suvorov Georgy Zhukov Nicholas I
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Excursion to the history
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