The Russian Youth Union and “Voenfilm” studio signed an agreement on cooperation
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On June 22, at the Central Committee of the RSM, the Chairman of the RSM Pavel KRASNORUTSKY and the General Director of “Voenfilm” studio Igor Ugolnikov signed an agreement on cooperation between the Russian Youth Union and “Voenfilm” studio.

The key direction of cooperation will be the implementation of the tasks of patriotic education of youth, the development of intercultural dialogue in the youth environment, international youth cooperation.

In particular, the immediate goal of this agreement is that the Russian Youth Union and Voenfilm move together in the creation of historical and patriotic films.

At present, the main film project of “Voenfilm” studio is a full-length feature film about the feat of Podolsk cadets in October 1941 near Moscow.

Cadets of the Podolsk artillery and infantry schools who defended Moscow were Komsomol members. The decision to stay on the firing line to the end was taken at the Komsomol meeting. “The best boys decided to stand up to the end for Moscow, for their Motherland. This is true patriotism”, emphasized the General Director of “VOENFILM” and the general producer of the film Igor UGOLNIKOV.

Pavel KRASNORUTSKY: “The Russian Union of Youth is the official successor of Komsomol. Both in Komsomol, and in our organization, the main activity vector is patriotic education of children and youth. I am sure that this film will be a good example of imitation for our modern youth – how you need to love your Motherland!”

Igor UGOLNIKOV: “We have a lot of work to do, we are not afraid of it, we will do it with honor and dignity. I am sure that the Russian Youth Union – people who are not with a cold heart and open heart – will be able to not only help us with this, but also make it their own business, too. Young people who think about their fate and the fate of their country will take part in the filming of this picture and will be able to ask themselves – “What would I do in this situation?”. This is the most important question for us”.

“Last Frontier” was supported by the Ministry of Culture
Igor Ugolnikov – a guest of Vladimir LEGOYDA
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