A large-scale military-historical holiday “Red Junkers” was held in the Ilyinskoe village
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October 1, 2017 in the village of Ilyinsky, Maloyaroslavets district, the VIII military-historical holiday “Red Junkers” was held. It was attended by more than a thousand people who consider it their duty to honor the memory of the Podolsk cadets who defended the Ilyinsky Line exactly 76 years ago.

Celebrations began around the legendary pillbox of Lieutenant Aleshkin, which the Nazis called resurrecting. The soldiers rolled a cannon out of it when the Germans hit it with direct fire, and when the enemy considered our fire point to be broken, they began to fire again, spreading panic in the enemy ranks. By the way, the name “Red cadets” for the holiday was not chosen by chance: so respectful – the valiant red cadets – the fascists called the Podolsk cadets, who barred their way to Moscow in October of 1941.

On the eve of the holiday near the pillbox by the forces of the National Guard soldiers under the command of Vyacheslav Belezekovsky, a trench has been excavated – now everyone can go inside and feel at the place of cadets in the literal sense of the word.

It was at this memorable pillbox that the participants gathered for the rally, and the granddaughter of Lieutenant Aleshkin Irina Babakova addressed them: “We remember!”.

Perhaps one of the most touching moments of the event was the delivery to the film crew of the People’s Film Project “Last Frontier” of boxes with the personal belongings of cadets, who were found by the search engines of the squad “Ilyinsky patrol” under the command of Oleg Komissar. In summer, the general producer of the film, Igor Ugolnikov, investigated the fields near Ilyinsky: the main surveys will be conducted on the battlefields. Near one of the pillboxes, he drew attention to fragments of personal belongings of fighters. They were not accepted by local museums, and these artifacts remained lying under the open sky. Ugolnikov asked to collect all these things for him, to find them a worthy place in the Vadim Zadorozhny museum’s exposition, who also produces the future film. His request was fulfilled, and the transfer was held in a solemn atmosphere, at a rally at the Aleshkin pillbox.

“For me, this story is personal,” Igor Ugolnikov told the audience. – My grandfather died here, and Oleg Komissar helped to restore the chain of events of that time. He found the documents that prove: my grandfather as a member of the militia participated in the construction of a line of defense near the village of Ilinskoe… The main thing is that we do not make a movie with a cold heart. And we hope that exactly in a year it will be right here that we will be shooting our film – truthful, historically authentic. Before that, we will certainly turn to the fallen, as we did while shooting the “Brest Fortress”, for permission to do our work”.

Following these words, the portraits of the cadets rose above the crowd – they were brought by the students of the Podolsk high school. And it was these children who headed the column along the village of Ilinskoe along the Warsaw Highway, whose curbs were completely covered with cars and buses that came to reconstruct the battles at the Ilinsky frontier. The people gathered a lot, and the reconstruction itself was conducted by the military-historical club “Battalion”. And it was not “silent”: the club’s head Yuri Nefedov explained to the ones who gathered not only the actions of the fighters, but also told about the situation in October of 1941, about military formations, weapons, decisions of the command and so on.

Next year, the reconstruction is promised again. And it is at the time that the shooting of a feature film about the feat of the Podolsk cadets should be conducted.

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