The site of the Forum “Forsage”: On August 1 a meeting with the actor and director Igor Ugolnikov and producer Evgeny Ayzikovich took place
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“We write and film the cinema of our life every day. Scrolling through the film of memories, we understand that we are doing something wrong, but this has already been shot, and this can not be changed. And the new film is our dreams, experiences, worries, this is tomorrow, which we can live as we want. And the best thing we can do is answer the main question in the film of our life: who am I?” – said Igor Ugolnikov.


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The newspaper “Mayak”. Maloyaroslavets. From a journalist’s notepad: “Frontier” lives. Take 2
The newspaper “Mayak”. Maloyaroslavets: “Frontier” lives. Take 1
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