The newspaper “Mayak”. Maloyaroslavets: “Frontier” lives. Take 1
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The work on set was carried out smoothly and clearly. At the command of the director – “Frontier” lives! – the shooting of the episodes began. Everyone tried very hard to do their job and not let anyone down. They dug trenches in full force, loaded the shells, carried things and take by take, laid out as best they could. This is not shooting, this is real life. And all as one during small breaks, everyone was talking about how our fathers and grandfathers, grandmothers and mothers stood up to the onslaught of the enemy in such a terrible war. At the genetic level, everyone understood: here it is – October 1941, the enemy is torn to Moscow, and we must stop it here.

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The newspaper “Mayak”. Maloyaroslavets. From a journalist’s notepad: “Frontier” lives. Take 2
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