Alexey BARDUKOV as Afanasy Ivanovich ALYOSHKIN
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The commander of the fourth battery of 45-mm anti-tank guns of Lieutenant Afanasy Ivanovich ALYOSHKIN in the film “Last Frontier” is played by theater and cinema actor Alexey BARDUKOV.

Afanasy Ivanovich ALYOSHKIN is a lieutenant, one of the teachers of the Podolsk artillery school, the commander of the legendary pillbox, later named in his honor.

In October 1941, battery commander Lieutenant Afanasy Alyoshkin, along with subordinate fire platoon commanders, his students, cadets of the 4th battery of Podolsk artillery school, occupied a pillbox in the rear of our defense, in the center of the village Sergeevka. pillbox was disguised as a wooden hut.

Their hour has come, when almost all the defenders fell and the frontier was completely exsanguinated. The German tank column marched unhindered along the Warsaw Highway, and the only obstacle was the Alyoshkin’s pillbox.

“Lieutenant Alyoshkin with his cadets beat without a miss. The garrison of the Alyoshkin’s pillbox rolled out a cannon from the casemate, occupied a spare trench, deployed the gun in the direction of the rear, and accurately razed enemy tanks. However, during the battle with the tank column, when the last tank was destroyed by Alyoshkin directly near the pillbox, the fascists discovered a well-disguised gunfire and started hunting for it”- from the reminiscences of the head of the Podolsk artillery school, I.S.Strelbitsky.

Roman MADYANOV as Vasily Andreevich SMIRNOV
Filming of the National Film Project “Last Frontier”
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