The Kaluga region will take part in the creation of a national film project dedicated to the exploit of Podolsk cadets
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March 26 at a meeting of the Government of the Kaluga Region, which was held under the chairmanship of Governor Anatoly Artamonov, actor, director, TV host and CEO of the studio “Voenfilm” Igor Ugolnikov talked about preparing for the shooting of the new epic.

The film “Last Frontier”, which is a “people’s project”, will become his third largest picture after the “Brest Fortress” and “Battalion”. At the heart of our new film are the events of the Great Patriotic War, which took place in October 1941 on the Kaluga land – the feat of Podolsk cadets, having their life as the cost of delay the onset of Nazi invaders on Moscow.

“We are actively preparing for the shooting of this film and received all the necessary materials from the Central Archive of the Ministry of Defense, hitherto unknown. The final version of the script is ready. This is a people’s project. There is a collection of not only financial resources. Here are the efforts of many people: we receive materials, testimonies and memories of the participants of those events. Based on these documents, we will create the most reliable picture. It is of fundamental importance for us to shoot in the place where the events took place”, Igor Ugolnikov said. According to him, already now a cinema complex is created at the former airfield DOSAAF in Medyn, which will remain and will function together with the equipment after the filming. “All proceeds from the sale of the picture should go to the creation of the “Ilyinsky frontier” memorial here, on the Kaluga land. Two and a half thousand still very young boys remained forever in this land. The memory of them should not only be preserved, but also told to the world”, Igor Ugolnikov emphasized.

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