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The commander of the Katyusha special division, Major Ivan Dementyev, in the film “Last Frontier”, is played by actor Sergey BONDARCHUK.


Major I.V.DEMENTYEV arrived at the Ilyinsky defensive line on October 10, 1941 by order of the commander of the Moscow defense zone at the head of a special division of the GMC (Guards mortar units – the Red Army rocket artillery), known as “Katyusha”.

“It was specifically stipulated personal responsibility for keeping the new weapon secret from the enemy, right up to “trial, if the reactive weapon hits the enemy”. “For the protection of combat vehicles, a platoon of cadets was singled out”- from the documentary story by I.S.Strelbitsky “On Warsaw highway”.


The first “Katyusha” volley was left off at noon on October 11 by a large gathering of infantry, carts and vehicles in a birch grove, preparing to take initial positions for an attack on the Ilyinsky frontier.


For five days, the division struck eight times eight times at the enemy, one stronger than the other, each time for a long time disrupting the attacks of the enemy.


At dawn on October 15, the division left off the last and most successful volley at the Nazis and headed to the rear in submission to the leadership of the 43rd Army. A German landing force landed in the rear of the defensive line at night and there was the danger of the enemy seizing secret jet weapons.


Shooting at the polygon of the film complex “VOENFILM”
Memorial Day of Podolsk cadets
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