Shooting at the polygon of the film complex “VOENFILM”
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The shooting of the National Film Project “Last Frontier” has started at the polygon of the film complex “VOENFILM” near Medyn, in specially built large-scale scenery of the Ilyinsky defensive line.


On September 21, the guests and the press attended the film set at the invitation of the “Voenfilm” studio, among them the cadet-border class of the first school of the city of Maloyaroslavets and the descendants of the defenders of the Ilyinsky border – the great-grandson of Major-General, the head of the Podolsk Infantry School and the Ilyinsky defensive line Vasily Smirnov – Dmitry Smirnov and grandson of the captain, the chief of the parachute-paratrooper service of the Western Front, Ivan STARCHAK – Igor Starchak. In the film, the role of Major-General SMIRNOV is performed by Honored Artist of Russia Roman MADYANOV, and Captain STARCHAK – People’s Artist of the Russian Federation, State Prize laureate Sergey Bezrukov.

The general producer of the picture Igor UGOLNIKOV told the cadets, guests and the press about the filming process and conducted a short excursion on the built scenery of the Ilyinsky boundary. In addition, the invitees had the opportunity to watch the work of the production director Vadim Shmelyov with the actors and a large number of extras. On this day there were shooting scenes with the participation of Honored Artists of Russia Daniil SPIVAKOVSKY, who in the film plays the role of engineer UGLOV and Evgeny DIATLOV, acting as the head of the Podolsk artillery school, Colonel Ivan Semyonovich Strelbitsky.

“I’m playing engineer Uglov. Such a name is not accidental to my hero, because our general producer is Igor Ugolnikov. The prototype of my hero is his grandfather. He’s an engineer. He’s a civilian. A man who builds all these pillboxes and fortifications. The role is interesting. It is very important that these films are being shot about the war, about our Great Victory. I think that thanks to such engineers, the war was won” – said Daniil SPIVAKOVSKY.


Filming of the National Film Project “Last Frontier”
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