“Young Fighter Course” before filming
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Before the shooting actors of the People’s Film Project “Last Frontier” were week-long military trained in the military unit under the guidance of the consultant Konstantin GORBATIKOV.

To become “cadets” they wore military uniforms, obeyed military discipline and regime, lived in barracks, engaged in drills and fire training.

On the last day of the training the military unit was visited by the general producer of the film Igor Ugolnikov.

“The young fighter’s course for our actors ended, and today I saw that expression on their faces and eyes that is very important for the film”, said Igor Stanislavovich.

“They are already young military men. Moreover, they are already imbued with the spirit of unity, which will definitely be needed in our film. Without this it is impossible to create the truth in cinema, the viewer must “read” these important feelings, feel the actors’ identity with the cadets”, Igor Ugolnikov noted.


The first day of the national film project “Last Frontier”
Beginning of filming of the National Film Project “Last Frontier”
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