The first day of the national film project “Last Frontier”
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The first shooting day of the military historical film “Last Frontier”, about the feat of the Podolsk cadets in October 1941 near Moscow, will be held on August 16, 2018 in Podolsk in front of the Ivanovskoye Estate.

The film studio “VOENFILM” starts shooting the full-length feature film “Last Frontier”, which tells about the heroism of young cadets in October 1941 near Moscow. The work is carried out within the framework of the National Film Project “Last Frontier”, the main goal of which is to attract as many people as possible, so that they can contribute to the commemoration of the heroic deed of the Podolsk cadets with their historical knowledge, work, creative talent, material or financial resources.

“We are not just shooting historical films, we are preserving the memory. The story of the unprecedented feat of the Podolsk cadets who remained forever in the frozen ground near the village of Ilyinskoe, but did not allow German tanks to break through to the capital of their homeland, is necessary to shoot with maximum authenticity, so that the spectator could empathize our heroes, put himself in their place…”, said the general producer of the film Igor Ugolnikov.

As a part of the first day of shooting, guests and the press will be able to visit the set, see the shooting of one of the initial scenes of the film, ask questions to the creators of the film and the initiators of the National Film Project “Last Frontier”.

The event will be attended by: general producer of the film Igor Ugolnikov, director Vadim Shmelev, creative producer Evgeny AYZIKOVICH, production designer Konstantin PAKHOTIN, costume designer Sergey STRUCHEV, actors: Evgeny DYATLOV, Alexey BARDUKOV, Ekaterina REDNIKOVA, Dmitry SOLOMYKIN, Guram BABLISHVILI and others .

Also the guests who have provided great support and significant help to the film were invited on set.

Address: Podolsk, Moscow Region, ul. Parkovaya d. 1, the set in front of the Manor of Ivanovo

Beginning at 12.30

Igor Ugolnikov and Evgeny Ayzikovich at the “FORSAGE” forum
“Young Fighter Course” before filming
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