When creating a script about the feat of Podolsk cadets, special attention is paid to the proposals of military experts
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In Podolsk on January 12 the general producer of the film studio “Voenfilm” I.S.Ugolnikov had a meeting with the head of the Central Archive of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation I.A.Permyakov, who, at the direction of the ministry, is an official military expert on the film “Last Frontier”.

During the meeting, Igor Ugolnikov spoke about how, in the process of creating the script for the film “Last Frontier”, work is under way with proposals made by military experts of the Ministry of Defense. A number of suggestions have already been taken into account by writers. Igor Stanislavovich noted that the opinion of military experts is extremely important for creating a truthful film about war. Falseness and free interpretation should not be even in the details of everyday life of servicemen, everything should be real.

Igor Permyakov noted that it is better for anyone other than non-military people to know the truth about the army life. To prepare questions for the script, military experts had to study the manuals of the Red Army from 1939. He expressed confidence that joint efforts will avoid annoying mistakes, which are often found in modern feature films about the Great Patriotic War. Igor Ugolnikov noted that work on the script is in full swing and before the release of his second version there is absolutely no time. Participants in the meeting agreed on the procedure for conducting an examination of the new version of the script.

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