Vyacheslav Fetisov invites Obninsk locals to the National Film Project
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Today he specially arrived in Obninsk to talk about the work on the film project “Last Frontier” and hold a master class on the ice for the boys who play hockey.

Legendary hockey player and current State Duma deputy is very seriously engaged in the film about the exploit of Podolsk cadets at the Ilinskiy boundary. In a sense, he is the person of the project. And to our correspondent he confessed that he was ready to do everything possible to make the film happen. And it is not just a film – but an honest, truthful film that tells the world what actually happened on our land in the autumn of 1941.

It is this task that was put to the general producer of the film, Igor Ugolnikov. By the way, he is also in Obninsk today. Together with Vyacheslav Fetisov, Deputy Nikolai Kalinichev, head of the Military History Committee of the National Film Project Oleg Komissar, the project’s initiator in Obninsk, Lev Berezner and Obninsk volunteers, they discussed the progress of the project on the progress of the work at the special round table. And a special emphasis was put on the fact that the project united a large number of people around itself, becoming truly popular: “The inhabitants of Obninsk, Maloyaroslavets, Podolsk, Moscow actively joined it”.

“This film – honest, historically verified – will be for the young. And it will be – about the young“, said Igor Ugolnikov. At the same time, Vyacheslav Fetisov believes that the film has every reason in the language of cinema to tell not only the country, but the whole world about the strength of our people’s spirit, its strength and truth. “In the 1990’s, we successfully exchanged a sense of patriotism for the American dream”, Fetisov said. – And yet the truth is simple: you can not be successful without being a patriot. It just will not work”.

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