Roman MADYANOV as Vasily Andreevich SMIRNOV
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Major-General Vasily Andreevich Smirnov in the military-historical picture “Last Frontier” is played by the Soviet and Russian theater and cinema actor, Honored Artist of Russia Roman MADYANOV.

Vasiliy Andreevich SMIRNOV – Major-General, a professional Soviet military leader with a large practical experience of conducting military operations, formed in three wars.

In the Russian Imperial Army since 1909. Member of the First World War. In the Red Army since 1919. Since December 1940, the head of the Podolsk Infantry School.

On October 5, 1941, in connection with the breakthrough in the Spas-Demensk area, the capture of Yukhnov and the beginning of unimpeded advancement of the enemy along the Warsaw Highway towards Moscow, Major-General Smirnov, in alarm, lead an infantry school to Maloyaroslavets where he was appointed head of the Ilyinsky anti-tank boundary. From October 5th through 20th cadets of Podolsk schools under his command were heavy fighting, holding occupied defensive positions. The days from October 15th, when the main forces of the 17th Tank Brigade, heavy artillery and the 53rd Infantry Division were lifted from the border and sent to the town of Borovsk, became particularly difficult. 

“It is already the 10th day that Podolsk schools defend this strip and bear huge losses in human and material terms. For today there are two platoons left in the 2nd battalion. The command staff is almost completely lost. People are extremely tired, falling on the go “- as General Smirnov described the situation in his report.

Only after the breakthrough of the defense of the neighbors, when the enemy has occupied Maloyaroslavets, located 15 kilometers behind the defenders, the Moscow Defense Zone command ordered to begin withdrawing from the positions occupied.

To celebrate the merits, one of the streets of the city of Podolsk (Moscow region) is named after General Smirnov.

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