Evgeny DYATLOV as Ivan Semyonovish STRELBITSKY
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One of the main roles in the military-historical picture “Last Frontier” – the head of the Podolsk artillery school Ivan Semyonovich Strelbitsky – is played by the Honored Artist of Russia Evgeny DYATLOV.

Grandson of Lieutenant-General Ivan Strelbitsky Pavel Medvedkov, having visited the film, noted that he was “pleasantly surprised by the historical authenticity of many small things in the future film” and that Evgeny Dyatlov is very authentic portraying his grandfather.

Ivan Semyonovich STRELBITSKY – Soviet Lieutenant-General of Artillery, Chief of the Radio Technical Troops of the USSR Armed Forces. In 1918, Ivan Strelbitsky joined the Red Army, where he served for more than 40 years. Ivan Semyonovich took part in three wars, having gone from the Red Army soldier to the lieutenant-general.

On September 5, 1941 I.S.Strelbitsky was appointed head of the Podolsk artillery school, which he was until December 8, 1941.

In October 1941, along with the cadets, the colonel, the head of the Podolsk artillery school Ivan Semyonovich Strelbitsky took part in the defense of Moscow on the Mozhaisk direction.

Many of the events of October 1941 near Moscow on the Ilyinsky defensive line were restored while studying the memoirs of I.S.Strelbitsky.

In honor of Ivan Semyonovich Strelbitsky the street in the new microdistrict of the city of Podolsk (Moscow region) was named.

On the territory of the Ivanovskoye estate in Podolsk an old flower bed was restored
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