On the territory of the Ivanovskoye estate in Podolsk an old flower bed was restored
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In August, the shooting of the first scenes of the film “Last Frontier” took place in Ivanovskoye, for which the front yard of the manor was decorated as a military parade ground. The estate was the first to take part in the People’s Film Project, becoming the Podolsk artillery school for a week. The flowerbed was closed with a special cloth, on top of which asphalt crumb was poured. Before the filming began, the general producer of the film studio “Voenfilm” Igor Ugolnikov promised that the flowerbed will be restored by early September.

Already during filming, the Podolsk architect Sergei Tsarev developed a professional flowerbed restoration design using a 19th century drawing. Now the main garden of Ivanovskoye completely repeats its historical original. Binding of elements on the terrain was carried out through aerial photography. Particular emphasis was placed on the five elements of the flower bed, representing a tricorn – a symbol of the last gallant epoch, and five horseshoe elements, for it is the horseshoe that symbolizes the street of the Great Ivanovskaya street (now Parkovaya), now connecting the Podolsk cadets monument and the Ivanovskoye estate.

On behalf of the head of the city district Nikolai Pestov, the project’s assistants, who were restoring the front yard and the flowerbed, were provided with all kinds of assistance by the Podolsk combine of accomplishment. After the shooting assistants took out 500 cubic meters of garbage. For further work, they were given 300 cubes of soil and 200 cubes of chernozem, 28 bushes of bright red roses by the Podolsk Plant of Improvement (head Maksim Mitrokhin), marble chips for decoration of horseshoe elements – a gift of the deputy of the City Council Vladimir Nelyubin, 500 sq.m roll lawn – the contribution of the educational and production center “Caprice” (head teacher Olga Shkunkova). For the flowerbed, over 150 shrubs of a short-haired white chrysanthemum simulating white fur on bright blue triangles were bought. The design was handled by the landscape designer Lyudmila Zhukova and the friendly staff of the Podolsk combine of accomplishment together with the museum staff, public assistants and volunteers.

On September 1, during a visit to the Day of Knowledge in the Podolsk City District, Igor Ugolnikov, general producer of the film “Last Frontier”, has thanked the head of the municipality Nikolai Pestov and all those who worked in Ivanovskoye for organizing and carrying out the restoration of the front yard of the estate. Works on the dismantling of the scenery in the estate “Ivanovskoye” continue.

The first scenes of the film “Last Frontier” were shot with Sergey Bezrukov
Evgeny DYATLOV as Ivan Semyonovish STRELBITSKY
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