The film crew of the movie “Last Frontier” honored the memory of Podolsk cadets
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On Saturday, August 18, the film crew of the movie “Last Frontier” paid tribute to the memory of the Podolsk cadets, laying flowers at the monument, set in honor of the heroes on Kirov’s Street in Podolsk. Igor Ugolnikov, the general producer of the film, producer Igor Furmanyuk, the film’s military consultant, Konstantin Gorbatikov, the deputy head of the administration of the Podolsk City District for social communications and information policy Irina Babakova, Tamara Pankova – the wife of an honorary citizen of the city of Podolsk, the honored teacher of the Russian Federation, doctor of historical sciences, writer, journalist Dmitry Pankov, who wrote many books about the history of the exploit of the Podolsk cadets. Flowers to the monument were also laid by actors engaged in the roles of young defenders of the capital of 1941, among them Alexey Bardukov, who plays the role of Lieutenant Afanasy Alyoshkin. Then Igor Ugolnikov and Igor Furmanyuk visited a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, an artillery officer Georgy Baranov. He talked about his military path and asked many questions about the shooting of the film “Last Frontier”. The creators of the film gave him a T-shirt with the logo of the National Film Project.

The laying of flowers was held on the eve of an important shooting day – the last one on the territory of Podolsk. On Sunday, August 19, dramatic scenes of wires for the advanced cadets of Podolsk infantry and artillery schools and command staff were taken off at the Ivanovskoye estate.

Let us recall that the historical significance of the heroic deed of the Podolsk cadets in the battle for Moscow in October 1941 in the Maloyaroslavets battle area of ​​the Mozhaisk defense line consists in the fact that together with the units of the 43rd Army they, with their courage, mass heroism and self-sacrifice, thwarted Hitler’s plan for the lightning capture of Moscow. They won valuable time, which allowed the High Command to pull reserves from the depths of the country to protect the capital. The Podolsk cadets gave an opportunity to our troops to create a strong defense on the Nara river and to revive the Western Front.

…On the morning of October 5, 1941 – the day when the military alarm sounded and Podolsk conducted the cadets to the Ilyinsky line, – the enemy approached the south-western outskirts of Yukhnov. On Warsaw highway two columns of fascist tanks and armored cars quickly moved to the boundary of the river Ugra. Only 200 kilometers to Moscow remained – only a few hours drive…

Beginning of filming of the National Film Project “Last Frontier”
The first scenes of the film “Last Frontier” were shot with Sergey Bezrukov
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